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Contents of Volume 26, Issue 1 (January 27, 2021):

  • All Bugatti Types: Specifications, Descriptions By Nick Keukelinck
  • Bugatti adverts in Dutch newspapers By Bart Oosterling
  • Bugatti Type 57: first motoring press report "Motor Sport", May 1934
  • Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio: chassis 57411 By Richard Heseltine
  • Bugatti Type 101 brochure and letter Pierre Marco
  • The design of the Bugatti Bolide
  • Bugatti hyper Truck concept by Prathyush Devada
  • 1937 Bugatti leaflet

  • Content of Past Issues (65 issues)
  • Categorized overview of ALL the Bugatti revue back issues!

    The opening picture is of a special Bugatti, Chassis 43234, photo dates to about 1960 and was taken in Limoges at the Bugatti garage Dumontant. It is a T43 rolling chassis of 1928 which was the daily transport of Louis Garnier, wine merchant in the Drome.

    The body was made by a local blacksmith. Not much after these photographs were taken, chassis and body were separated. The chassis was fitted with a Grand Sport body. This coupé body was later photographed at De Dobbeleer in Brussels on a T44 chassis, and has since disappeared.

    Content of Past Issues

    the Bugatti revue is an at (ir)regular intervals appearing magazine, with a wide variety of articles on Bugatti.
    Authors are invited from all over the world to write a contributing article about some part of the Bugatti history.
    This can be parts of history, interesting stories about individual cars, meetings, races in the past etcetera.

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