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Volume 29 (2024), Issue 2

Article on the Bugatti Royale Weymann, reprint from Omnia, 1929

Reprint of the French magazine Omnia, as it appeared in 1929.
In this a report on the appearance of the Royale at the Concours d'Élégance in 1929, where it won not just one prize, but three! It won the Grand Prix d'Honneur, as well as the Grand Prix des Voitures fermées (Grand prize for closed cars) and the Coupe de la carrosserie 1929. The article features photographs of both the side as well as the rear of the Royale. No pictures of the front with that impressive radiator.

In the same issue (110), also a one-page advert by Weymann, who built the body on thta Royale. It features a drawing of the Royale, also in side-view.

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