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Volume 24, Issue 2

Molsheim Festival 2019 Jaap Horst

Exhibition of Trippel "Schwimwagen" at Molsheim Festival 2019

Text and photographs Jaap Horst

Hanns Trippel built some very interesting constructions in his lifetime. I don't think he was ever so interested in the war itself, just in making interesting machines. After the war, Hanns Trippel went on to make his most famous amfibious automobile, the Amphicar.

Available also at the exhibition was an interesting book on Hanns Trippel, in French only: "Trippelwagen (Molsheim, 1940-1944)", by Grégory Oswald. You may think, what interest is this to the Bugattiste? Well, there are some very interesting photographs of the factory, and communications of the several parties with Ettore Bugatti. Information of the war-time about Ettore Bugatti are very scarce in most publications! Its published by S.H.A.M.E., Société d'Histoire et d'Archéologie de Molsheim et Environs

The Trippel SG 6, 1941

The Trippel SG 6, version Amphibium

Trippel was not the only one to use the Bugatti factory, it was devided in the Trippelwerke and the Maschinenfabrik, the latter producing air-borne torpedoes.

Below: Many informative posters at the exhibition, containing many of the information which is also in the book.

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