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Volume 24, Issue 2

Molsheim Festival 2019 Jaap Horst

Art at the 2019 Molsheim Festival

Text and photographs Jaap Horst

There is always some artwork being presented during the Molsheim Bugatti Festival; however, this year the exhibition started earlier, and lasted after quite a time after the festival (from July 27, to September 22). It was also organised on more locations; partly at the Metzig (top floor), and partly at the Hôtel de la Monnaie. Then there was an additional exhibition on the comic book "Bugatti.... pour la Beauté du Geste", which was at the Chartreuse. However, I had no time to visit that!

At the Metzig, an exhibition by Bernd Luz, who combines the classic Bugatti with the new, in a very poster-like style. At the Hôtel de la Monnaie, only a ten minutes walk from there, many diffferent artists, though the major exhibition was on art by Belgian Jean-Marie Baerts.

Above: artwork by Bernd Luz.

Below: art by Jean-Marie Baerts, in his characteristic aquarelle style.

On the right some statues and small items, on the left somethiing that can hardly be called art; some furniture looking like the Bugatti Brescia.

Paintings by Alice Locoge, which in my opinion are really attractive. Alice also had a small collection of paintings at the Sunday public exhibition.

Unknown artist, the elephant is rather in a similar style as those known by Lidia Bugatti.

The two on the left are by Régis Frison, the one on the right I'm not sure, the style is so different that it may be another artist

Above: Paul Kestler's well known two-dimensional style, he painted many Bugattis in this style for his book "Evolution d'un Style". On the right an imaginary version of the Royale, with a band-saw attached to it (and probably driven from the rear axle).

Below: also by Paul Kestler, but now various political variations on "Blue".

A series of paintings by Francois Vanaret, shown often on my Bugatti Page.

Above: inlaid wood art by Christophe Thurnherr.

Below: Ettore would be fond of these! I don't know the artist, though.

Two rather provocative works of art by Roland Perret.

Left: Several Bugattis in a rather Naiv style. Right: Two classic racing scenes.

Below: Difficult to show on a website: Bugattis photographed and printed on metal sheet. Consequently, some "wrinkles" or dents were made in the metal sheet.

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