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Volume 25, Issue 1

February 27, 2020

110 Years of Bugatti and 25 Years of BugattiPage Contest results

On January 9, I published the 110 Years Bugatti Contest. I can't say that I was overwhelmed by the number of reactions I received, but there were interesting and beautiful ones.

To start with, the "Bugatti Chassis number contest" only received one reaction. Ulf Kossenjans had 12 out of 18 of the Bugattis (one of which appeared twice) in the 5 collages correct. So he is the deserved winner. Congratulations Ulf!

The correct answers were:

1.1: #50123
1.2: #40748
1.3: #38470
1.4: #40810
1.5: #46293
2.1: Veyron 16.4 GrandSport Vitesse Black Bess (Les légendes)
2.2: La Voiture Noire
2.3: Divo
3.1: #2180
3.2: #2628
3.3: #44646
3.4: #38470
4.1: #37140
4.2: #4843
4.3: #51153
5.1: #57596
5.2: #57748
5.3: #57731
Luckily there were a lot more contestants for the "Bugatti Artistic contest", 10 in total, most of them sent in more than one artwork, different styles, different qualities, different subjects and of course there were miniatures, stories, paintings and digital artwork.

After long deliberations amongst the team of judges, considering quality, originality of the subject and of course also the important matter of taste, the winners are Nik Levecque and Geoffrey Severin.

Nik sent in an original short story, The Bordoli Bugatti, though in the meantime he is also competing in another category...

Most of us know the original Bugatti drawings by Francois Chevalier, as collected in his book "Le petit Bugattiste Illustré" from 2003. There are loads of fantasy Bugattis in the book (see on the right), some of which Geoffrey turned into 3D miniatures, the one at the top of the article, as well as the one shown below. He also made some of his own fantasies in 3D though! Well executed and original! Congratulations Geoffrey!

The winners will be asked to take their pick of the available prizes (I'm sorry to say, but I never did receive a reaction from Mr. Winkelmann).

There have been many books written about the legendary car builder including Bugatti Queen and Femmes Bugatti, by Patricia Lee Yongue. With over a century of building cars, Bugatti has cemented itself as one of the top luxury designers in the world. Many owners often also buy luxury motor yachts that match the color and style of their car so they can easily signal their status to the public.

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