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Editor: Jaap Horst

Volume 25, Issue 1

(Announced on January 9, 2020)

Contest! 110 Years of Bugatti and 25 Years of BugattiPage.

As promised, I present to you the 110 Years of Bugatti and 25 Years of BugattiPage contest! Such a festive year, 2020, does need something special!

So, what do we have?

In fact there are two contests, one for the mathemagicians amongst the Bugattistes, the other for the Artistic ones!

Bugatti Chassis number contest
The first contest is an easy one for those who enjoy Bugatti chassis numbers, know them by heart for 95% of the existing Bugattis, and probably know all the owners of these Bugattis from new until now as well.
What you have to do is easy, there are 5 collages here of Bugattis, for the classic Bugattis you give the chassis numbers for all Bugattis visible in each of them. That's 4 collages, the last one is of the modern Bugattis, all you have to do here, is to give the specific type and/or name. Chassis numbers not needed.
The photographs are just cut and put together, all have been on my website in the last few years, or still are, and they are not changed in any other way (though I may have mirrored one or two images, just to make the nose of the car point in the right direction). There is the one collage above, and four below. Each can be clicked on to view a larger size image. In total there are 18 parts of Bugattis in these collages, the Bugattiste with the most correct answers will win.

Bugatti Artistic contest
As all of us know, the chassis number approach is one way to be a Bugattiste, but there are many more. I am in fact one of those who does not know many chassis numbers, I'm also interested in the artistic side of Bugatti, both the automobiles as well as the furniture, paintings and statues. Following in the footsteps of the famous family, you are requested to make some artistic contribution for this contest.
This may be a nicely written story, either an anecdote of an event that really happened, or total fantasy. Other contributions can be drawings, paintings, photographs, collages (better than mine!), miniatures (preferably not a standard built kit, anyone who feels tempted to build a collage in 3D?), websites? or something which I have not thought of yet but has an artistic side to it, and Bugatti related of course.

So, what is it that you can win? I'll have to ask Mr. Winkelmann if he has a spare Chiron (or just an old Veyron) laying around in the workshops, which he has to get rid of. Probably not, so prizes are a bit more down to earth..

  • Eternal fame and respect from fellow Bugattistes (for all winners!)
  • A copy of the famous Bugatti 100P Record plane book. Signed by the author.
  • An approximate 1:15 scale Bugatti Type 59 (the box says 1:18) by Bburago, the wing-less version in yellow.
  • Peter Vann, 6 photographs folder
  • Erwin Tragatsch, Das grosse Bugatti buch

There is no first prize, the number one winner for each contest just gets first pick.

The jury consists of only Bugattistes. The number of jury members can be one or more, depending on how schizophrenic I feel at that moment.

Please send your contributions, the list with chassis numbers and the three types/names of the modern Bugattis, or your artistic contribution by e-mail to me (J.J.Horst@BugattiPage.com) before February 10 (which will give you about a month). That way the jury has some time to do it's (his) judging duties, and also prepare the webpages for the answers to be given, the winners to be announced, and the artistic contributions to be prepared and published in a special edition of the Bugatti Revue on February 27, 2020, exactly 25 years after the start of BugattiPage.

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