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Volume 23, Issue 3

Bugatti Festival Molsheim 2018, Sunday presentation Molsheim

by Jaap Horst
Photographs Tomás Horst / Jaap Horst

The Bugatti Festival is the only event that I know of where there is actually a lot to do for all visitors, Bugattistes or not. They can mingle and view all cars up close, talk to the owners, and watch the event where all cars are presented and described. As is the case with the car above, the post-war Type 101 which once belonged to Pim Hascher in the Netherlands, who passed away already several years ago.

We did not stay until the end, as we still had a 6-hour drive back home to do. Again a very nice event, and maybe my son will even accompany me again next year!

Below: The Bugattis waiting patiently for their turn. Difficult for a racecar!
No description for each car this year. Can you recognise them all?

The jury waiting for the Bugattis to arrive...

There they are! A bit small though...

The children's cars come first most of them home-built, not of the Bugatti "Baby" type. After that, each participant!

One artist built his stand with paintings of Bugattis around the statue of Ettore which is always there in the park.

And, nearby is the life-size statue of the Type 35, in an oval pond.

There is the Derby again!

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