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Volume 23, Issue 3

Bugatti Festival Molsheim 2018, Saturday morning & tour

by Jaap Horst
Photographs Tomás Horst / Jaap Horst

My son Tomás and I arrived on the Friday evening, when the Bugattis already had left Molsheim, so we had dinner in town. Luckily, the first Bugattis were already in the parking lot of our hotel (Le Bugatti, right next to the hostellerie du Pur Sang)

The Saturday morning showed a lot of activity next door, luckily we could catch a ride in with Robert Braunschweig's unique Type 57 Stelvio. Above you see a shot from this car of the brilliant roads through the mountains where the rally went over.

Below: The Bugattis gathering at the Hostellerie before the morning tour.

The first Bugatti we see at the Hostellerie, does not come from Molsheim but from Campogalliano, 600 km away. Still better than the ones coming from nearby Dorlisheim....

Only a few more photo's were taken before departure for the scenic route... Of course we had to register, and also find out about the Bugatti designed tractor of 1908.

Below: Coffee stop during the morning tour.

Below: Getting ready and on the road....

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List of all Bugattis

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, Christian Anicet put them all together. This is for the entire weekend, not just the Friday. Some of the Bugattis were only to be seen on the Sunday presentation. They are the following:

Car display :

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Vive La Marque !!