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Volume 22, Issue 2

Bugatti Art at Retromobile 2017

Jaap Horst
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This year 3 different pages, the Bugatti art page being one of them.

I made photographs mainly of what I liked, so what is presented here is not complete at all.

Probably most used to make an impression of; the Type 57S Atlantic. This time an impression in stone.

(Mostly) bronze sculptures by Esteban Serassio. Of course again the Atlantic, this time with a classy lady. Also the Esders Roadster Royale, with Jean Bugatti posing as in the well-known photo.

Thurnherr Maqueterie D'art Automobile makes artwork of inlaid, coloured wood. This Veyron Grand Sport special “l’Or Blanc” with it's special paintjob is just a bit more difficult than the regular Veyron...

Two paintings by Paul Smith.

Probably the nicest are these "Paintings" by Etienne Salome. In fact it is aluminium which was painted black, and then scratched (or hand etched as the artis calls it). Again the Atlantic, also in the sculpture, which is also by Etienne.

Andrew Barber used digital techniques to overlay the same image in different colours, to get to this effect.

Two more paintings, don't know who the artist was.

A Bugatti Type 51 made by Daniel Racine, from bent nails mainly, and then chrome plated.

The Bugatti 100P Raceplane by Profil24 models.

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