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Volume 2, Issue 5

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Founded November 1997

Recently I have received various inquiries for information about the Bugatti Airplane (100/110), from people who are interested in different aspects of this beautiful design. Some are interested in the original abilities, would the plane have been completed, others are interested even in information for constructing a replica or flying scale model. It seems to me therefore that an organisation to bring these people together and to enable exchange of information from research will be beneficial to all of us, and to enthusiasts who are not really active in research themselves as well!


The goal of the Bugatti Aircraft Association is to increase and spread knowledge about the Bugatti plane, with possibly as a final goal to build a flying replica of the original design. This replica may be build either by individuals or by the BAA itself. Apart from the interest in the Bugatti airplane also the Bugatti Aircraft engines are subject of study for the BAA.


The form in which this is to take place is, at first, a bringing together of everybody (worldwide) with an interest in the Bugatti airplane or aircraft engines. This will result in a list of members, available to every member of the BAA.

Secondly, developments shall be made available to everybody within the BAA. If an individual has some success in researching the plane, new data or other results, this can be made available to every member of the BAA. Depending on the number of members, this will possibly be in the form of a newsletter. The Internet in this can be helpful, but is certainly not crucial in the exchange of information. We hope for many interested members without even a computer!


At this moment I have been promised cooperation from some 4 people, of which John Gaertner, Curator of the Oshkosh EAA Air Adventure Museum, is possibly one of the most important. At this museum the original, restored plane is now on show!
Michael Firczuk has been taking measures of the plane during the restoration process, and is entering all data in a sofisticated computer simulation system to verify the performance potential and stability during flight. He also is documenting the configuration and function of the unique onboard systems.
Alex Walentyk is an amateur aviation enthusiast, planning on building a flying replica of the Bugatti!
Dennis Hamaker has studied the plane extensively in the past, and produces museum quality miniatures in 1:18 and 1:28 scale.
Jaap Horst. And who am I? Just a Bugatti enthusiast with an enormous interest in the non-automotive constructions of Bugatti. My knowledge of the Bugatti airplane so far comes only from books, magazines and some other sources. I would love to see it fly however, and see if Bugatti would have beaten the Germans in the air at least, if he had had the chance! I did write a couple of articles on the subject, for the Bugatti revue


More info on the Bugatti plane can be found on the Internet at:


Subscription is open to any anthusiast (for now we do not have any fixed rules, these will probably emerge once this starts running), for this you will get at least each year a list of members, and possibly the first year one or two newsletters, I do not know yet! To subscribe print this form, fill it in and send it to me. Please enclose some $10 so I can pay mailing and printing costs. No cheques please, as these cost me approx. $10 to cash!

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