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Volume 29 (2024), Issue 1

Maastricht MECC Interclassics 2024

Jaap Horst

The first Classic Car show of the year is, each year, the one at the MECC exhibition centre in Maastricht, the Netherlands. For the Dutch, this classic car shows is known as MECC, and not by it's official name Interclassics (which I continue to forget). Though it is not as good (of course) as Retromobile a few weeks later, it is quite good, and always a few Bugattis are shown.

Last year, I took a 5 hours train ride there (and back also), however, there was maintenance being done on the tracks, adding at least half an hour to that. Last time, in the train I did some additions to the BugattiPage website, I couldn't do that by car. However, by car it was only slightly more than three hours. During the day, I felt increasingly ill. I could just about manage the trip back, but

For the 25 years of the MECC's existence, there always has been a large booth with Bugatti's, organized by Jean Prick, son of the even more famous Guillaume Prick. Jean died about 5 years ago when I visited, now the display has been continued by his daughter Chantal, family and friends. Very nice to see this!

There were a few more interesting Bugatti's on the show, not that many though.

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Bugatti automobiles

As stated above, Chantal Prick had arranged a Bugatti stand, with a three Bugatti's, a children's car, and many photographs, posters and other items, see the photographs below.

Nice Brescia, chassis 2386, currently for sale in Belgium.

Very nice Type 44 with a beautiful new bodied, designed by Chantal's nephew. Views of photographs and posters in the background.

Also on the stand: Nice black Type 57 Ventoux. On the right a children's Bugatti. Not a replica of the Baby Bugatti.

Chantal also hosted various others on het stand, like the artist of these (I suppose they are) watercolors.

Furthermore AMF modelcars who showed a 1:12 scale miniature of Jean Prick's green Ventoux, and (not shown) Tamas Valko who was selling his book on the Bugatti Baby.

CC-Cars was selling this Type 59, with an interesting colour scheme. The car was built by "the Guild of Automotive Restorers" in Canada (David Grainger), using original parts that came from Ray Jones. It was later re-built by Tula Precision (Charles Knill-Jones).

Jaap Braam Ruben (Fine Automobiles) showed this Type 57 with "Grand Raid" specifications and a factory made Faux Cabriolet (Atalante) body. It was (quite rightfully so, I maight say) elected best pre-war car of the show!

Quite nice replica of a Baby Bugatti.....

.... and probably the worst children's car with some reference to Bugatti I have ever seen. The 2750 price tag for this "Homemade Bugatti" seems ridiculous.

Chassis numbers

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, they are the following:
  • T23 Tourer Brescia 1925 (2386)
  • T44 Roadster 1928 (44705)
  • T57 Atalante 1935 (57252)
  • T57 Ventoux 1938 (57724) 8396 RG 62 (F)
  • T59 R Grand Prix 2001 (BC 123)
  • Baby - Crostwaithe & Gardiner replica

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