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Volume 29 (2024), Issue 1

Bugatti EB110 Brochure

in German

Several years ago I bought this Bugatti EB110 brochure, apparently it is from 1993, and the language of the loose pages inside is German.

The folder in two-coloured striped blue is marked Bugatti Automobili, with a small Bugatti logo in the lower right corner.

Inside (photographs below) there are three pouches, the two on the left have two printed photographs (one colour and one B&W, shown above), and six old fashioned colour slides. Four of these are marked "Bugatti EB110, Salon de Geneve, Mars 92". Sorry, not easy to make a good digital copy of those slides.....

The one on the left has 10 loose pages, which increase gradually in size, so you can see the heading of most of them directly.

The headings are (linked directly to the text):

In the middle of the folder, there's a general text in four languages, confusingly all starting with the same sentence in French: "In the Bugatti factory the love of labour reigns.".

Above and below, the 4 slides marked: Bugatti EB110, Salon de Geneve, Mars 92

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