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Volume 28, Issue 3

Bugatti Festival Molsheim 2023

By Jaap Horst
Photographs ©Jaap Horst and ©Tomás Horst
The 2023 Festival was a special one, as it was the 40th time it was organized..
It was longer then usual, and already started on the Thursday, September 14.

The whole programme was different (see below), with the public presentation on the Saturday evening instead of the Sunday. Though the presentation of the automobiles was more or less the same as other years, the whole atmosphere (and the photographs!) were different because it was held in the dark.
Another public event (and well visited I might say!) was the dynamic presentation on the Sunday morning. As the movies of the Bugatti's in action were just too good to not show them, I opened a special Youtube channel, and inclosed a few short, and some longer, movies in this page.

My son Tomás and I arrived on the Friday afternoon in Molsheim, and were just in time at the ceremony at the family Tomb. From the Saturday morning we participated in most activities, and rode all Saturday with Robert Braunschweig in his Type 57 Coach Gangloff.

All the photographs are a bit much, thus I organised all info on this page in the different events within the Festival. You can use the following navigation list to go to a specific event, or just browse through this page. Note that for two events during the Festival I made a special page; these are the Carlo - Rembrandt exhibition organized by the Perridon Experience Team, and the AutoRail exhibition at the Chartreuse.

Friday evening - Ceremony at the Dorlisheim graveyard

Usually the ceremony at Ettore's tomb in Dorlisheim is on the Sunday morning. Not this time though, it was on the Friday evening, which coincidentally was on Ettore's birthday, the 15th of September.
We arrived just in time, met with many of our old friends (and a few new ones) and saw the Type 32 bring the flowers.

Ettore Bugatti is honored with flowers by many different organisations and people, of course the Enthousiastes Bugatti Alsace (EBA, the organizing organisation), the Bugatti family of whom many were present, and several of Ettore's great grandchildren, The Kestler family and last but not least the modern Bugatti factory.

Short movie of the type 32, that presented the flowers at the ceremony in the Dorlisheim cemetary

Saturday morning at a hotel in Molsheim

Saturday morning we had arranged to meet with Robert Braunschweig from Switzerland; various times in the last years, we had a ride with him in one of his Bugattis. This time in his Type 57 Coach by Gangloff. The parking lot of his hotel was "full" of Bugatti's.

Saturday morning at Bugatti SAS

The Saturday started off with a gathering (and breakfast) on the grounds of Bugatti SAS, in front of and behind the Chateau St. Jean and accompanying buildings. We arrived early, and thus were able to shoot a few nice images of the Robert's Coach Gangloff in front of the Chateau.

The sun just coming up in the east, enabled many to make some artistic overview photographs of the grounds, many new Bugatti's there, and some classic ones.

A series of Veyron's, Chirons and an EB 110. The softtop cover of the open Veyron does not look smooth in the morning...

Ton Deutekom's pretty little Type 40.

Below: many photographs of all the Bugatti's present.

On the stairs of the Chateau: After a welcome word by Christophe Piochon, director of Bugatti, the official opening of the Carlo / Rembrandt exhibition inside the Chateau, by Michel Perridon. Words of thanks to all the organisation, and several parties (Bugatti SAS, EBA) were presented with paintings by Bernd Luz.

Special car exhibition

In one of the side buildings there were three very special Bugatti's, as these are seldom to be seen. The 1923 type 32, 1933 Type 45 16-cilinder and the 1936 Type 57G. They are all reconstructions, using original parts, and are recent additions to the Perridon collection.
Accompanying them was a Type 45 engine (engine no. 2) from the Bugatti SAS collection, unfortunately without the compressors, and another 16 cilinder, the modern Bolide.

The Type 32 from 1923, star of the Festival, as it was made and raced exactly 100 years ago. A very intriguing Bugatti, and in many aspects revolutionary, due to for example it's aerodynamic shape and underslung chassis, with reversed quarter elliptics back and front, and hydraulic brakes on the front wheels.
More info on the T32 in this book which recently appeared.

The 16 cilinder 3.8 liter type 45, impressive piece of engineering!

The engine of the 16 cilinder 3.8 liter type 45. Engine No. 2.

The T57G of 1936. Le Mans winner in 1937. Not an original one, but beautiful nonetheless. And equipped with the most beautiful wheels Bugatti ever made.

The Bugatti Bolide (and it's engine), a track only car by Bugatti SAS, should have had a 1850 HP version of the 8 litre 16 cilinder VVR engine (on race fuel), now with "only" 1600 HP....

Saturday morning at Bugatti SAS - continued

After the special Exhibit of the T32, T45 and T57G we continue showing all the cars, on the grounds of Bugatti SAS.
One of the most impressive cars was the Type 41 Royale rolling chassis. A replica using an original AutoRail engine owned by Eric van Lammeren and built by Frank Slopsma and his team in the Netherlands.

The Type 57 Galibier in it's last version, one of my favourites!

Below, the type 41 Rolling chassis. Something you do not see every day. Equipped with the AutoRail engine marked "PLM 157"

The Type 50 Weinberger cabriolet (replica body), the Type 41 will be equipped with a very similar body, faithful to the original. As we know, the Royale Weinberger Cabriolet which was sold to dr. Fuchs, ended up in the USA, and is now in the Ford museum. It has been heavily modified, and the colour scheme completely changed.

One of the pecularities of the Bugatti Royale's Transaxle gearbox (Gearbox in the rear axle). The cardan shaft is turning with the car standing still!

Saturday morning, Bugatti Carlo - Rembrandt exhibition at the Chateau St. Jean

Click on the link above to see this unique exhibit!

Saturday afternoon, lunch at Ribeauvillé

After the gathering and visit to the exhibition, all Bugatti's drove off for a tour through the Alsace, ending in Ribeauvillé, where we enjoyed a nice lunch. On the photographs, amy of the same cars as in the morning. THough also a few that were not there in the morning...

Saturday afternoon and evening, public exhibition and presentation

Returning from lunch, the Bugatti's were parked in the Park de Jésuites in Molsheim, as usual.

The actual presentation to the public was after dinner, and started at half past eight. The photographs of the Bugatti's in the dark give them a special atmosphere (if they are sharp...).

Several artists and authors presented their works. Here François Vanaret, who made the painting of the AutoRail especially for this Festival.

Sunday morning, dynamic presentation (public)

The Sunday morning turned out to be something special; the "Dynamic presentation" was almost a race, with the Bugatti's starting in groups of 4, and making 3 (or 4) laps of a circuit laid out in the industrial area of Molsheim, behind the old factory. Cars started several seconds after eachother, but sometimes did in fact make a true race of it.
The very nice (hot in fact!) weather was not the only factor why such a huge crowd turned up. It was fun, nice to see the cars actually at speed!

After the dynamic presentation there was the closing lunch, where there was (again) good food, prizes were presented, and a nice dessert was had.

Andy Wallace, who rode a Type 35 at the Dynamic presentation, was presented with the special "Cul pointu" (pointed tail) trophy, which was a collage of drawings made by 6 great grand children of Ettore Bugatti. .

Two short movies of the dynamic presentation from inside the Bugatti.

Short movies of A T41 Rolling Chassis and a EB110 passing.

Left: Full circle of the track in a Type 57; Right: Grand Prix Bugatti's racing , September 17, 2023. The blue T35 (unblown) is driven by Le Mans Winner and Bugatti test driver (and world record holder for the highest speed in a "production" automobile) Andy Wallace.

Sunday afternoon, The Bugatti AutoRail at la Chartreuse and exhibition

Click on the link above to see this special exhibition!

Sunday evening - Surprise!

Sunday evening we went from our apartment to the center of town, to have dinner. As we arrived there, we could see how the Autorail was being transported out of Molsheim, through the narrow streets. The most difficult curve was just being completed as we arrived. And no, the movies below are not taken backwards, the large truck really did drive backwards!

Two short movies of the AutoRail on a long trailer being manouvred through the tiny streets of Molsheim

Sunday evening, one Bugatti parked on the main square. Until next year!

List of all Bugattis

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, Christian Anicet put them all together. This is for the entire festival. They are the following:

  • #2/1 T23 Brescia Torpedo 1926 (2849) 899 XE 45 (F), Jean-François Morisseau (F)
  • #10/3 T35C Grand Prix 1927 (4855a) PI-0756 (D), Kay Rickert (D)
  • #16/4 T37A R Sport (706 BO) EK-639-WQ (F)
  • #19/15 T37A R Sport 2004 ('37220'-R) DS-042-LR (F), José Martin (F).
  • #21/10 T40 Roadster 1926 (40281) GE-769-ZY (F), Bernard Gagnière (F)
  • #22/3 T51 R Grand Prix (replica) 51 YE 67 (F), Cyril Gauthier
  • #23/19 T40 Torpedo by Bousson 1927/33 (40636) DE-22-51 (NL), Jacques Paul (NL)
  • #26/20 T40 Grand Sport 1927 (40221), Ulrich Mayer (D)
  • #33/6 T37A Sport 2016 (replica) EH-255-ZZ (F), Daniel Zeller (F)
  • #34/6 T35B R Grand Prix (600 PS) ER-347-ST (F), Jean-Marc Metzger.
  • #38/2 T35B R Grand Prix (replica) EB 1926 (L), Alain Friser (LUX)
  • #45/5 T44 Cabriolet 1928 (44547) W-751-FS (F), Annick Friedrich (F)
  • #46/5 T44 Torpedo 1931 (441322) GE-585 588 (CH), Alexis Couturier (CH)
  • #49/20 T51 Grand Prix (BC 087) ES-C 56H (D), Dino Bertazzoni (D)
  • #51/18 T57 Galibier 1934 (57225) 928 NV 67 (F), Philippe Haag (F)
  • #52/4 T57 Coupe by Corsica 1937 (57485) AP-049-YL (F), Guilain Benard (F)
  • #60/3 T57R Atlantic (replica), AA-H 058 (SK),
  • #63/20 T37 R Sport 1995 (replica) 37 XR 67 (F), Germain Weiss (F)
  • #72/3 T35R Grand Prix (replica) 36243 (L), Alex Baatz (LUX)
  • #77/4 T40 Tourer 1927 (40445) CQ-463-JJ (F), Maurice Gerber (F)
  • #78/7 T37 R Sport ('37165'-R), Damien Bourgaux (F)
  • #79/7 T49 Roadster ('49318') BL-2431 (CH), Daniel Schuler (CH)
  • #80/2 T38 Grand Sport (38325) GH-128-BV (F) Manuela Mateo Garcia Bugatti.
  • #81/2 T51 R Grand Prix (PS) UL-V 80H (D), Michael Vogel.
  • #82/3 T57 Coach by Gangloff 1936 (57369) BL-9934 (CH), Robert Braunschweig (CH)
  • #83/19 T57 Ventoux 1938 (57628) 57 ATM 67 (F), Aymeri Friederich
  • #85/2 T40 Jean Bugatti Roadster 1926 (40223) EP-984-KZ (F), Michel Bugatti (F)
  • #88/4 T44 Torpedo ('441224'), Jean-Jacques Kielwasser (F)
  • #89/17 T44 Break de Chasse 1929 (441010) AC-260-KL (F), C. Feidt
  • #101/11 T101 Coupe by Guilloré 1951 (101502) 57 ZW 68 (F), Daniel Marachin (F)
  • #104/1 T57 Stelvio by Gangloff 1936 (57395) BL-189 560 (CH), Andrea Capra (CH)
  • #113/2 T57 Coach Ventoux 1936 (57479) GL-543-ST (F), René Caron (F)
  • #118/15 T44 Million Guiet 1929 (44817) AC-388-HG (F), Christian Schann (F)
  • #120/9 T55 R Super Sport ('55255'-R) 1001 ZR 25 (F), Yves Millot (F)
  • #121/11 T40 Grand Sport 1929 (40842) 111 ALF 67 (F), Jean-Pierre Woeffel (F)
  • #123/15 T35B R Grand Prix 2005 (replica) DY-650-WL (F), Fermo Rossi (F)
  • #136/9 T57C Cabriolet by Letourneur & Marchand 1939 (57809) BW-510-MB (F), Francoise Friederich
  • #137/13 T49 Cabriolet 1930 (49405) EQ-477-QX (F), Maurice Goepp
  • #145/4 T23 Torpedo 1925 (2743) FP-321-XT (F), Adrien Friederich (F)
  • #151/11 T37A R Sport (replica) 37 ADW 67 (F), Arsène Munch (F)
  • #160/10 T43 R Grand Sport (PS) CV-181-QQ (F), Gerald Generas (F)
  • #162/5 T57 Ventoux 1935 (57452/57308/57557) EA-085-MT (F), Jean-Louis Kenck (F)
  • #163/10 T57 Cabriolet by Vanvooren 1934 (57274) CR-275-TR (F)
  • #165/8 T40 R Grand Sport (replica) PGS 7W (PL), Maciej Peda (PL)
  • #169/8 T38/43 Grand Sport 1928 ('43240') EB-547-EB (F), Caroline Bugatti / Cyril Gautier (F)
  • #170/5 T35B R Grand Prix (PS) FQ-916-CX (F), Marc Solvet
  • #170/5 T35B R Grand Prix (replica) CG-314-JX (F), Marc Solvet (F)
  • #200/3 T57C Galibier 1939 (57778) BA-H 126 (SK),
  • #201/3 T46 Cabriolet by Gangloff 1930 (46393) 14V 0633 (CZ), (with Ladislav Novak ?)
  • #204/2 T49 Grand Sport 1930 ('49125'), Gérard Lapostolle.
  • #205/1 T57 Torpedo 1934 (57300) WOL-T57H (D), Klaus Dold (D)
  • #206/1 T43 R Grand Sport (replica) MTK-F 431H (D), Alexandre Hobbit
  • #207/1 T49 Coupe by Weymann 1930 (49117) HG-0736 (D), Robert Schramm (D)
  • #208/1 T44 Cabriolet by Vanvooren 1930 (441259) 0-AZU-906 (B), Denis Robert (LUX)
  • #209/2 T49 Coupe by Vanvooren 1931 (49362), Bruno Vendiesse (F)
  • #210/1 T49 Roadster 1933 (49562) BL-141581 (CH), Rolf Eckerlin (CH)
  • #211/1 T46/50 R Cabriolet Weinberger (BC 139) BL-480 (CH), Ralph Weibel (CH)
  • #212/1 T43 Grand Sport 1928 (43286) PM-31-70 (NL), Olav Glasius (NL)
  • #213/1 T41 R Royale Weinberger chassis () 97-FH-08 (NL), Van Lammeren (NL)
  • AutoRail Presidentiel, ZZy 24 408, Cité du Train
  • #214/1 T45/47 R Grand Prix ('47157'), team Perridon (NL).
  • #215/1 T32 R Tank ('4059'-R) 4876-J1 (F), team Perridon (NL)
  • T57G Le Mans (57686/57688 recreation "Tank") 6559-WI (F), team Perridon (NL)
  • #216/1 T40 Cabriolet Gangloff 1927 (40460) PM-62-10 (NL), team Perridon (NL).
  • #217/1 T37/35T 1926 (37178) 23 AAW (GB), Bugatti SAS
  • #218/1 T57C Stelvio by Gangloff 1938 (57737) WOL-TC 57H (D), Klaus Dold (D)

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