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Volume 28 (2023), Issue 2

Bugatti's at the TEFAF Art Fair 2023

Jaap Horst

As I wrote last year, there is more to life than just car shows. This was the 3rd time that I went to the TEFAF International art and antiques fair, which was held in Maastricht from March 11 - 19, 2023. This is a very impressive show, where a lot of items can be seen, mostly art and design, but also for example books and clocks. One does not need to be an art specialist or -lover to have a good day here, with the hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of things on show, there is something for everybody. I always say that it is like going to a couple of hundred different museums, all in one day. And very much accessible too, people at the stands are generally kind, even if they know you're not going to buy any of the pricey items....
And then there is the way that the show is designed... Always involving a lot of flowers, this year set such a way that they look like coloured clouds.

Personally, as a Bugattiste, there is of course a special interest there... Not for Ettore or Jean, but for the artists in the Bugatti family, Carlo and Rembrandt. And, I was not disappointed, with 8 of Rembrandt's sculptures this year. Unfortunately no Carlo Bugatti furniture or silverware.
Most special was the small panther carved in marble by Rembrandt in 1905 (above), rather special as he did most of his work in Plastilline, which was then cast in Bronze.

Below the photographs I made, always with the complete description also.

On the stand of UDB "Univers Du Bronze" from Paris, there were 3 of Rembrandt's sculptures. This one rather special carved in "Sienna Yellow Marble" in 1905: "Petit Panthère se léchant la patte"

Also at UDB this "Brebis Merinos", some kind of goat or sheep. Sculpted in 1912.

Very nicely shaped dog; though not just a dog, it's a dog of Annam, or an Annamese dog. Probably from 1905.

All other Rembrandt Bugatti's are at Galerie Xavier Eeckhout from Paris. Like this goose. Model from 1911 or 1912, this one cast in 1912.

"Petites Antilopes goudou - deux amis", from 1911

Drinking Giraffe, model from 1907, this one cast about 1910.

Small sitting Leopard, the tail in front. Model from 1912, this one cast between 1912 and 1930.

Crouching jaguar, made ca. 1908, this one cast in 1909

Below an example of one of the thousands of other artworks on show!

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