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Volume 28 (2023), Issue 2

Bugatti Type 57 (Modified)

1951 Article on Bugatti T57 #57167

by A.C. Whincop

Interesting article on how in the early post-war years "old" Bugatti automobiles were recognized for their excellent engine and road-holding, and were modified and repaired, using parts and bits from anywhere, and were actally used, and successful!, in sports-car racing.

The car was used rather well by the author, A.C. 'Twink' Whincop, of the article until 1954:
#40 BARC Goodwood members meeting , June 16, 1951, first in 5 Lap Handicap (D) in 1 min 5 sec, see this article in "Motor Sport" 1951
#52 Goodwood 1951
#64 National Goodwood, March 22, 1952, 4th
#105 National Silverstone, September 6, 1952, 4th
#46, Cambridge University Auto Club Speed Trials, Bedwell, March 8, 1953, driven by Archie Scott-Brown
#25 E C M C Snetterton, April 25, 1953, driven by Averil Scott-Moncrieff and Whincop

The car is now owned, in what seems to be the exact same shape, by Humphrey Scott Moncrieff, still in the UK.

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