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Volume 27, Issue 2

Bugatti Festival Molsheim 2022

By Jaap Horst
The 2022 Festival was again as it used to be, with a large crowd on the Sunday, and loads of interesting Bugatti's. Some of them replica's, as we now all know, but a lot of interesting original cars are in fact more important.
There were rumours that the 7 Type's 101 would be transported from Mulhouse (where they were exhibited for the first time together) to Molsheim, but unluckily this was not the case. Still, the T101 Antem was present, as well as the Guilloré T101 of Daniel Marachin, who recently wrote a book on the T101's only.

My son Tomás and I arrived on the Friday evening in Molsheim, and didn't take part in any activities on that day. From the Saturday morning we participated in most activities, and rode all Saturday with Robert Braunschweig in his Type 57 Stelvio.

All the photographs are a bit much, thus I organised all info on this page in the different events within the Festival. You can use the following navigation list to go to a specific event, or just browse through this page. Have fun!

Saturday morning, at the Chateau St. Jean / Bugatti SAS

The Saturday started off with a gathering on the grounds of the new Bugatti SAS, in front of the Chateau St. Jean. Various new Bugattis were placed in front of the Chateau, and there was a speech by Bugatti director Christophe Piochon. Also, Breakfast as offered by the company.
That there was still a little bit of rain did not matter all that much...

Below: Inside the Chateau; various parts and models, and a Carlo Bugatti "Crocodile" writing desk.

In one of the side-buildings: Various classic Bugatti's including a Type 56 and the T41 Royale coupe de ville by Binder. Also some parts, and a 16-cilinder Type 45 engine.

In one of the other side buildings; a Chiron and it's engine. Showing clearly where this engine was built... Germany, not Molsheim, France. Also a glass replica by Lalique of the Rembrandt Bugatti sculpture "Lionne couchée bâillant".

Saturday afternoon

We had a very good Alsatian lunch in a nice little village, where all traffic came to a complete standstill because of all the Bugatti's trying to find a parking spot...

Sunday morning - Bugatti Family exposition at la Chartreuse

The exposition showed various aspects of the Bugatti family and friends. Special in this was the much revised and corrected Bugatti family tree, as researched (based on many original documents) and put together by Blanche Esthelle Bodart Gos.

Sunday afternoon - public presentation

On the Sunday afternoon (well, starting a bit earlier), all Bugatti's are publicly presented on the parking lot of the "Parc de Jesuites". After a while all cars pass before the jury, and are presented, some history, owner etcetera. Also, the prizes were awarded.

Your webmaster Jaap Horst in the car of Daniel Schuler from Switzerland. (T)Hat's the difference!

Also, there are several stands with books, artwork, miniatures and more.

Below, the stand of Jean-Marie Baerts from Belgium, as well as that of the Musee National de l'Automobile, collection Schlumpf, of Mulhouse.

Sunday exposition - Jacques Martin, Roger Selter

At the Hotel de la Monnaie there was an exposition of comic book artists Jacques Martin and his son Roger Selter. Apart from the many pages of comics, there was a T57S Atalante on loan from the Mulhouse museum, as it featured in the comic by Roger Selter.

Again, a very open, interesting Bugatti weekend! What I always say to everybody (who wants to hear), is that the Molsheim Festival, and particularly the presentation on Sunday, is welcoming every enthusiast. You don't have to be member of the Alsatian or any of the other Bugatti clubs to be able to admire all Bugattis, and see them actually running!

See you again next year!

In fact, we did "participate" on the Friday evening, we went shortly to the hostellerie de Pur Sang, to get our badges. Some Bugattis came there as well, of course.... Also one picture taken "en route" on the Saturday.

List of all Bugattis

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, Christian Anicet put them all together. This is for the entire weekend. They are the following:

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