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Volume 27 (2022), Issue 1

Retromobile 2022

Jaap Horst

The 2021 Retromobile was postponed several times, scheduled for different dates in 2021, then for February 2022, and was finally held from March 16-20, 2022. Due to all insecurity (probably) the event was a bit smaller than other years, with several regular exhibitors failing, like for example: Ivan Dutton, William i'anson, Bugatti Trust and Bugatti SAS. This year, cause I moved house, I had to travel for longer, so I took the train into Paris on the Thursday, visited Retromobile on the Friday (as usual) and went back on the Saturday (after a little sightseeing).

And there were surprises; The only thing at Retro that you should not be surprised about, is that there will always be Bugatti surprises. This time the biggest surprise was the scale model of the AutoRail, at the Artcurial auction!

At the top of this page two replica bodies, both in different tones of metallic green. The Aerolithe replica by the Guild in Canada, and the Type 73 roadster. The Aerolithe is a replica of the original, the T73 roadster I believe was based on a surviving sketch only.

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Bugatti automobiles

Nice old 8-valve at the Artcurial auction.

Brescia at the stand of Loretas SA from Spain. Just visible is the photo of the double engined T30, same photo that I presented a few years back on this page. On the stand was Alex Verges, one of the autors of the new book on Bugattis in Spain, to appear next year. He told me that the double T30 would be presented at Techno Classica Essen the week after.

Nice Brescia on the stand of the Bugatti Club France.

T35B Reconstruction by Ventoux Moteurs Engineering at the Artcurial auction.

T35C Reconstruction for Aguttes auction.

T35/51 Reconstruction "Petit Coupé Friderich" at the Artcurial auction.

T37A at the Artcurial auction.

T44 Faux Cabriolet by Labourdette at the Artcurial auction.

Type 55 Cabriolet by Vanvooren.

The T57 Aerolithe by the Guild in Canada (David Grainger), on chassis 57104, a regular though shortened chassis. Some say that the original Aerolithe was based, together with a Torpedo roadster design, on a prototype of the T57S chassis, with the rear axle going through the chassis, but with both chassis rails bending inwards at the rear, like with the chassis of the T35.

T57 "Conduite Interieur" at the Artcurial auction.

1937 T57C Ventoux which needs some through cleaning, and some more work also, probably. On the stand of Christoph Grohe.

Type 73 Roadster, quite a nice model actually, based on an original sketch, as it appears. If Bugatti would have been able to make it so nice in the 1940's?.

Type 35B replica on the stand of Pur Sang Argentina. Judging from the poster on the wall, they now also make Type 57 engines.

Loads of details in the miniature (1:10 scale) AutoRail Bugatti, Automotrice WR (Wagon Rapide). More info in a specific article in this issue.

Various Bugatti items; Mechanics toolbox, Ettore Bugatti technical sketch dated 8-8-1940 with some kind of hub or axle and a Jaeger clock.

Bugatti art and miniatures

Portrait of Ettore Bugatti in gypsum by Christine Blanc (Born 1936), and a design by Mirgalet for Lanvin: Autodrome de Linas Montlhéry 23-24 juin 1991, Grand Prix de l'Âge d'Or.

Powerful artwork in stone, taking the lines of the Atlantic one step further. Or a few steps, actually....

Unpainted T35 by Art Collection Auto, JP Fontenelle, at the Artcurial auction.

Miniatures by LP Creation

Miniature of T35B with Eliska Junek at Suberfactory (Excuses for the bad photo quality)

Various miniatures

Two views of a Bugatti Baby replica...

Quite a good Type 59 miniature for sale, don't know the maker...

Quite a bad T41 Royale miniature, don't know the maker, luckily....

Other automobiles etc.

Sorry Bugattistes, but I do rather like this one! Pity for the guy just blowing his nose....

1954 Bristol 450LM, driven by Jack Fairman and Tommy Wisdom.

Strange airplane, large (windtunnel?) model of a few meters long.

Chassis numbers

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, Christian Anicet put them all together, they are the following:
  • Type 13 torpedo, chassis 772, 235 AVH 13 (F)
  • Type 22/27 Torpedo 2-seater 1920, chassis '1070', BF 9011 (GB),
  • Type 23 Brescia 1922, chassis 1422, 1514 RH 69 (F)
  • Type 23 Brescia 1924, chassis 2064, DZ-88-78 (NL)
  • Type 35/51A Coupé fiacre body replica 1926/2011, chassis '4775'-R, CG-820-SR (F)
  • Type 35B R Grand Prix, chassis unknown, 9436 TY 13 (F)
  • Type 35C R Grand Prix, chassis unknown, 5469 WJ 37 (F)
  • Type 37 Sport 1926, chassis 37211, 37 LT 75 (F)
  • Type 44 Faux Cabriolet by Labourdette 1928, chassis 44342, CT 195 TB (F)
  • Type 55 Cabriolet by Vanvooren 1932, chassis 55204
  • Type 57 R Aerolithe 1934, chassis 57104
  • Type 57 Conduite Interieure 1936, chassis 57363, 902 BEQ 83 (F)
  • Type 57C Ventoux 1937, chassis 57576
  • Type 73 Roadster 1946 / 2022, chassis 73'002'

Auction results

Artcurial Retromobile auction, March 18, 2022

  • 1920 Bugatti Type 13, Chassis n° 772, Engine n° 445, Estimate 250.000 - 350.000€: Sold at 268.200€ (including premium)
  • 1925 Bugatti T35B Reconstruction by Ventoux Moteurs Engineering, Chassis n° 4617, Estimate 400.000 - 600.000€: Sold at 655.600€ (including premium)
  • 1926 Bugatti 37A ex-Jacques Dufilho, Chassis n° 37211, Engine n° 114, Estimate 900.000 - 1.200.000 €: Sold at: 894.000 €
  • 1928 Bugatti T44 Faux Cabriolet par Labourdette, Chassis n° 44342, Engine n° 76, Estimate 300.000 - 400.000€: Sold at: 336.144€
  • 1928 Bugatti T35/51 Reconstruction "Petit Coupé Friderich", Chassis n° 4775, Estimate 250.000 - 350.000€: Sold at: 333.760 €
  • 1935 Bugatti Type 57, replica "Aérolithe" body, Chassis n° 57104, Estimate 1.500.000 - 3.000.000€: Not sold (maximum bid 1.3 M)
  • 1936 Bugatti T57 Galibier, Chassis n° 57363, Engine n° 57331/234, Estimate 250.000 - 300.000€: Sold at: 306.344 €

Artcurial Retromobile auction (automobilia), March 19, 2022

  • Bugatti mechanics toolbox, circa 1930, estimate 3.000 - 5.000€: Sold at: 6.560€
  • Portrait of Ettore Bugatti, Original plaster by Christine Blanc, estimate 2.000 - 2.000€: Sold at: 1.574 €
  • Ettore Bugatti technical sketch, dated 8-8-1940, estimate 600 - 600€: Sold at: 2.624 €
  • AutoRail WR Double "SNCF", large scale (1:10) model, estimate 20.000 - 30.000 €: Sold at: 86.592 €
  • Jaeger- Bugatti 8-day clock, estimate 1.000 - 1.500 €: Sold at: 2.624 €
  • Géo HAM lithographie: Louis Chiron au Grand Prix d'Antibes 1928, estimate 700 - 1000 €: Sold at: 918 €

Left, a still of the public during the Artcurial auction, middle and right: two short movies of the end of the auction of the Aerolithe. Max bid of 1.3 million, no further bids.

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