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Volume 26 (2021), Issue 3

Bugatti adverts in Belgian newspapers Part 2, 3 and 4

By Bart Oosterling

This "article" (there are books with far less pages....) in fact consists of 3 individual articles with clippings from Belgian Newspaper and Magazine archives: adverts of Bugattis sought- and for sale by private sellers, garages and traders or importers in Belgian media.

These are in total over 300 pages with adverts, this on top of the over 80 pages in part 1, which was published in the Bugatti revue volume 26, issue 2.

Below the 3 new parts (also added the first part), with adverts from the Belgian Newspapers "La Dernière heure", "La Meuse" and "Le Soir".

Top image: Advert in La Meuse, April 6, 1929

Below the introduction by Bart Oosterling

Dear fellow Bugatti Enthusiasts,

With these second, third, fourth (and last) partial collections I hope to contribute to the further completion of the history of Bugattis that once were owned or traded in Belgium. All this has been collected over time from Belgian (online) archives of newspapers. For this collection, the possible spelling of the brand name was used creatively, as will appear. This because the consultations on the correctly spelled keyword have turned out to be by no means complete and exhaustive.

Possibly with a good identification of which car and/or owner it concerns, a timeline can be further completed. Or information is validated, supplemented or perhaps refuted. Of course I also hope for new openings for completely new discoveries and connections.

Where possible, owners/traders’ names that could be associated with the address or telephone number were researched and added on the basis of addresses and telephone numbers in period address and telephone books.

Where there are (almost or identical) advertisements that have been placed several days in a row, this is stated below the advert. Where it is suspected that presumably the same car that was offered, these are bundled. Furthermore, the list is structured chronologically.

Where identification is largely certain, it is indicated in red. If there are partial or strong suspicions of identification, with a “?” behind it.

I request anyone who can contribute to this list to inform me about this. This can be done through the email address of the Bugattipage. Hopefully your contributions lead to growth in quality and quantity of this list.

This collection is not complete. Periodically - when there is enough new information - an update and/or additional partial collection will be made available for interested parties.

With enthusiastic regards,
Bart Oosterling,
Assen, The Netherlands

Note: (Commercial) publication or distribution prohibited. This document is exclusively intended for historical research for / by / among hobby enthusiasts. No rights can be derived. All rights remain with the respective owners. Anyone who believes their rights have been affected by this document is requested to inform so that this can be remedied.

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