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Volume 26, Issue 1

Bugatti hyper Truck concept

Designed by Prathyush Devada

Bugatti has always been a brand known for their blending of insane power, luxury and price tags with their car designs. While we do love the classic modern Bugattis like the Chiron and the Veyron, we find the myriad of concept options like the Chiron 4◊4 and Chiron Baja Racer just as enthralling. The latest concept that caught our eye isnít a car designed for off-road use or flying. Itís not even a car at all. Itís this Bugatti Hyper Truck Concept brought to life digitally by Prathyush Devadas, a senior interior designer for Chinese auto giant Dongfeng.

The functionality of a single shell that combines cockpit and trailer is questionable, but thereís no chance this eight-wheeled concept ever sees production which makes that less of an issue. On the appreciate it for art front, though, thereís a lot to like with the sleek, futuristic design, the quality of the renderings and the absolute departure from everything that resembles a semi truck.

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