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Volume 25, Issue 1

Various paintings

Bugatti 100P by Renaud Mangallon.

Renaud also sells copies of these. Please let me know if you are interested.

"ADN" (DNA in English), by Francois Vanaret

By Pascal Lozach (who also competed with some photographs in 2005!). A computer drawing made: "a la manière de …."

The perception of today’s luxury brands is highly influenced by artwork of high-end cars, yachts, and planes. European vehicles, like Bugatti cars and Galeon Yachts, are stunning in appearance and are often glamorized for their individuality. Luxury vehicles, particularly automobiles, have really changed American life forever.

Ante Furac sent in this hypothethical appearance of the car named "Coupe Belg" or the "Fourth Atlantic", a photoshop of the Bugatti Atlantic based on the finiding of research he was involved in, but which was mainly done by Mr. Andrzej Szczodrak, a Polish journalist.

Andrzej Szczodrak comments: "Mr. Ante Furac as well as Mr. Uwe Zummach play a very important role in my research.
Firstly, I made a comparison of the data available in two books. "The Bugatti Type 57S" by Mr. Bernhard Simon and Mr. Julius Kruta and the "Bugatti : les 57 Sport" by Mr. Pierre-Yves Laugier. I came to a conclusion that a Belgian architect and entrepreneur Mr. Gabriel Duhoux has made an order for the "Belg. Coupé" and that the "Belg. Coupé" is an alias of "La Voiture Noire" (i.e. 57453/57222/57454). This research was possible thanks to the great help of Mr. Uwe Zummach.

I have also contacted Mrs. Isabelle Léonard, the author of the book "Le Berger: Souvenirs d'une maison de rendez-vous" concerning the hotel that was created by Mr. Duhoux. The book was recommended to me by Stephan Sturges, who also gave me some great advice.


The due date of the "Belg. Coupé" was 31.08.1939, therefore I initially thought that the car had never got to Bordeaux. However, now I realise that Mr. Duhoux might have returned it for some changes, including repaint. I checked if the Bugatti workshop in Bordeaux had been affected by bombings during the World War II and I have been informed that it is not included on the list of damaged buildings.

Then, I talked with the family of Mr. Duhoux's life partner and they confirmed that Mr. Duhoux had driven a blue Bugatti after the war:


I was doubtful, because of the colour of the car, but then Mr. Ante Furac recommended me the book "Bugatti Yesterday and Today : The Atlantic and Other Articles" by Mr. Lester G. Matthews Jr.

The memories of the family of Mr. Duhoux's life partner seem to be consistent with the testimonies quoted in the book. Therefore it is more than probable that Mr. Duhoux owned the Lost Atlantic. I'm doing my best to determine what happened with it later. "

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