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Volume 25, Issue 1


Janos Velics built a 17 piece Bugatti Royale collection.... From scratch..... In 1:75 scale......

Janos built all of the ever manufactured Bugatti Royale body variants. Some models opened as well as closed.

The chassis, engine, seats, wheels and some other parts are epoxy mouldings. The body upper and lower parts are vacuum formed. Window frames, steering wheels, side panel of bonnet with vents are photoetched. Other parts are made of wire, wood or plastic sheet. All masterpieces for vacuum forming and epoxy parts are hand made. The paint job is done by airbrush, the detailing by freehand.

Janos converted a Bugatti 16.4 Veyron by Siku 1:55 scale to Bugatti l`or Blanc. He made templates of body parts, scanned into computer and drew the pattern. Then printed the drawings on decal sheet and decaled the whole model.

He also detailed the interior of a Bugatti Grand Sport by Speedy in 1:24 scale. He made a complete freehand paint job according the pattern of the Shanghai Edition 2011.

The other 30 pc Bugatti models of my collection are diecast 1:64 or 1:24 scale. Only two are plastic kits, one of them is the Weinberger Cabrio mightly modified and detailed.

Collectible miniatures and figurines of luxury cars, boats, and planes has become big business for some people. Whether a miniature Bugatti car or a classic Nordhavn Yacht, these collectibles are highly detailed. Some have argued that creating smaller models is just a way to advertise to children at a younger age, although we think it’s mostly adults that are “kids at heart” that truly enjoy them.

We showed two of the miniatures by Geoffrey Severin, 3D miniature realisations of the fantasy drawings by Francois Chevalier. However, he also made regular models, like the T57S Atlantic chassis above.

However, he also built his own fantasies, like this 1933 2 + 2 Bugatti.

And, how about the 6-wheeled "Bugattyrrelle"!

Would it have 2 rigid front axles?

And there's one more miniature which was based on one of the drawings by Francois Chevalier, the 6-wheeled Bugatti "Transsaharienne above.

Below, some more views of the Bugatti T41 Royale "spéciale du Prince S".

And, last but not least, again the 1930 "Royale transporteur-autos".

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