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Volume 23, Issue 3

Bugatti Type 100M Motorcycle design

Designed by Romain Gauvin

This new four-wheel motorcycle - Thus, in fact I guess we must define it as an automobile, a very narrow track one, but still a car. - reveals its origins at the very second one looks at it ó its smooth shape and color combination create this familiar bugatti mix. developed by designer romain gauvin, the black, white, and blue bugatti 100M concept features a capsule, in which the tech parts are enclosed, and the brandís signature C-shaped line on its side.

For the convenience of the rider ó who also hides in the covered cockpit when seated ó gauvinís bike has a holographic rare view monitor which streams from the camera located on the outer part of the body.
while bugattiís vehicles are all fuel, the 100M concept is hybrid and features an electric drive and a battery located right under the seat and charged through a port set on the front. Subtle lighting on the rear part and under the capsule make this bugatti even more futuristic, as if it could fly.

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