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Volume 22, Issue 3

Bugatti Festival Molsheim 2017, Friday afternoon and Chartreuse

by Jaap Horst

I arrived on the Friday afternoon, when the Bugattis already had made their 1st tour, and returned to Molsheim after lunch.

Later, they would first go to a Beer Brewery, and then to dinner, where I would join.

Below: The Bugattis gathered at the town hall square in the center of Molsheim.

At the Chartreuse, in the Fondation Bugatti: New memprial for Scotty Wilson, including the gearbox from the nose of the airplane, placed right over a print of the cockpit.
The gearbox has surprisingly little damage, only one bent bracket; the gears still function!

Special exhibit at the Fondation: Type 57G

Below: the regular exhibit at the Fondation, the Carlo Bugatti chair has been donated recently.

At the courtyard of the Chartreuse, some of the Bugattis gathered.

Not just Bugatti, also this splendid Delahay Coupé
I tried to photograph the "Figoni et Falaschi" plaque, but managed to only take a picture of myself!

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List of all Bugattis

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, Christian Anicet put them all together. This is for the entire weekend, not just the Friday. Some of the Bugattis were only to be seen on the Sunday presentation. They are the following:

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Vive La Marque !!