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Volume 22, Issue 1

Bugattis at the 1929 Grand Prix in Spain

Jaap Horst

1929 Spanish Grand Prix or Gran Premio de Espana, was a Non-championship race which was held on Thursday 25th July 1929, at Lasarte-Oria, Guipuzcoa.

The Race winner: Louis Chiron - Usines Bugatti

It was held over 40 Laps of 11.0290 (miles) on a Temporary road course, the Fastest Lap: Chiron, 7m26

Race classification:


Class.  Driver		Team		Car		Total time

1 	Louis Chiron 	Usines Bugatti	Bugatti T35B 	5h 57m 6s 

2 	Georges Philippe		Bugatti T35C 	6h 2m 59s
	Guy Bouriat 	Usines Bugatti			+5m 53s 

3 	Marcel Lehoux 	Marcel Lehoux	Bugatti T35C 	6h 4m 18s
							+7m 12s 

4 	Rene Dreyfus 	Rene Dreyfus	Bugatti T35C 	6h 9m 51s
							+12m 45s 

5 	Edmond Bourlier Edmund Bourlier Bugatti T35B 	6h 19m 5s
							+21m 59s 

6     Jean de Maleplane Jean de Maleplane Bugatti T35C 	6h 32m 5s
							+34m 59s 

7 	Georges Bouriano Georges Bouriano Bugatti T35B 	6h 38m 31s
							+41m 25s 

8 	Mario Lepori 	Mario Lepori	Bugatti T35B  

R 	Philippe Etancelin Philippe Etancelin Bugatti T35C 
R 	Juan Zanelli
	Giulio Foresti 	Giulio Foresti	Bugatti T35C 
R 	Albert Broschek Albert Broschek	Delage 2LCV 
R 	Juan Zanelli 	Juan Zanelli	Bugatti T35B 
R 	Guy Bouriat 	Usines Bugatti 	Bugatti T35C 
R 	Luigi Plate 	Luigi Plate	Alfa Romeo 6C-1500 
Source for info: www.motorsportmagazine.com

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