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Volume 21, Issue 1

Bugatti Artwork by various artists

These two are by Paul Chenard from Canada:
The one on the left is for an upcoming VeloceToday feature on American John Shakespeare's sale of his 30 Bugattis to the Mulhouse museum in 1964. They were based on David Gulick's photos.
These are 3 separate illustrations glued together; 2 illustrations are on blue paper and one is on brown paper. Paul used black and white markers, with a touch of red ... final size 19.75"x 14.75".

The one on the right is Hellé Nice in a T35C.
Done with pen&ink and white markers on blue paper.

The next artist is Tomasz Boguslawski. He is from Slupsk in Poland. He loves old Bugatti cars and decided to draw a collection of Type 57 variants. So far he did 4 drawings and he plans 2 more.
They are all drawn by hand and without any rulers or virtual techniques, just traditional methods.

Francois Vanaret from France did these two; they are titled "Un soir a Paris" and "Monument Historique".

All artwork was provided by the artists.

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