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Volume 20, Issue 1

Retromobile 2015

Jaap Horst
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This year we went again on the Friday, my friend Martijn and I. We arrived early, at the back entrance of the exhibition hall. Apart for the various friends and acquaintances who were there, there were MANY Bugattis. After almost each corner there was yet another Bugatti, or a whole row of them! This year I did not sell as many books on the Bugatti airplane as last year, I only had a few with me this time, so there was more time to see all the Bugattis!

Of course, there were also a lot of other cars, which you will have to find on other websites.

Various cars of the Artcurial auction, Type 55, Type 35, Type 30 body, Type 57 Ventoux from the Baillon collection.

The 3 Bugatti Royales, all owned by the Musée National de l'Automobile, collection Schlumpf in Mulhouse. Of course the Roadster is a replica using original parts, the build of which was started by the Schlumpf brothers.

The oldest Bugatti at Retro, and one of the oldest in existance, the T15 ex - Hebsgard Bugatti. The B&W photo shows a reproduction of the original after which this caar was fashioned, and most probably even this very car. Driven by J. Weiler at the start in Vienna of the "Austrian Alpine Rally". Car on the stand of Prewarcar.

A T57 and a Baby on a Spanish stand. Apologies for the photographs, which are not very sharp to say the least...

A couple of Bugattis on Ivan Dutton's stand.

Bugatti SAS showed, apart from their current product the veyron, a very nice T50 Roaadster, seldom seen.

Couple of parts and a "S" Radiator grille.

A replica T35 and Brescia on a sales stand

Random encounter on a stand: Nice T40 GS.

Probably the biggest surprise was this huge Bugatti line-up at Lukas Huni, very impressive, including T57S's and a T53. Only negative pint which one could find, wad that it was not allowed to walk inbetween the cars....

At MECC only a month earlier, now at Retromobile with Jaap Braam Ruben, this very nice T44 Saloon, in which I survived some exciting moments, more than a decade ago.

Olav Glasius' T54 at Fiskens.

Type 38A chassis at the stand of the French Bugatti Club.

Cars and parts at the stand of William I'Anson.

Looks quite convincing actually, and not cheap either: The de la Chapelle Atalante, powered by a 6-cylinder BMW.

Miniature models and artwork

Alain Bouissou builds the best small (1:43) models, and he is always at Retromobile. A collection of very different Bugattis. His next project: wait and see!

Less exact, but still nice this Atlantic, and a Veyron in stone, almost as heavy as the original. Nicely done, though!

Interesting way to model the Atlantic, using straight plates only!

A small joke about the honeycomb Bugatti radiators.

A few non-Bugattis, just a small personal collection

Almost the entire Pegaso car-production was at Retro, here an example of two of them.
And something entirely different, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo.

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, Christian Anicet put them all together, they are the following:

At the same time an Artcurial auction was organized, with the following cars, many of which could be seen:
Artcurial Auctions, "Motorcars à Rétromobile", Paris, February 6, 2015 and Rétromobile, Paris (F), February 4-8, 2015
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