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Volume 19, Issue 1

Bugatti in comic magazines

In France in the 1950's

Recently I acquired one myself French magazine for boys, and received scans of another. One was from 1956 and the other from 1958. They were Spirou (known as Robbedoes in Dutch) and Tintin (known as Kuifje in Dutch), both weekly magazines, competing for the attention with not just exciting and entertaining, sometimes funny, comics, but also with information. Everything a young boy would like.

The first one which I wanted to present to you is the Spirou magazine of June 28, 1956, only two days before the French GP race in Reims! There is one page describing the Type 251. Of course, there is some hope that the Bugatti will be playing the role as outsider in the race. As we now know, this was not to be...

Below, the front page of the magazine, and the page (18) with the T251

From Marc Miesyerus I received scans of the October 23, 1958 issue of Tintin. Inside there are 4 pages (4 - 7) with the history of Bugatti, in comic style. Several key moments of the history are beautifully pictured, by Jean Graton, known for the Michel Vaillant comics. One of those is the "Bugatti Case". Enjoy! In French only, so get out your dictionary, if needed!

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