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Volume 15, Issue 3

Molsheim Bugatti Festival 2010

Jaap Horst
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Each year the Enthousiastes Bugatti Alsace (EBA) organise the Bugatti festival in Molsheim, in the 2nd weekend in September, commemorating Ettore Bugattis birthday, which was on September 15, 1881.

There were many interesting Bugattis present, and the many fellow Bugattistes always make this a very entertaining weekend. Downside to many, is the large amount of replica Bugattis, with apparently none of the GP (Type 35, 51 and 37) Bugattis being original. Also a replica was the T55 roadster.

Special attractions were the replica de Dietrich (Type 5) and the Type 59/50B. Also for the first time on display (for me) the statue of Ettore Bugatti, which, I must say, did not quite convince..

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