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Volume 13, Issue 4

A Royale replica

JM Garric

Mr. Garric sent me these pictures of the Bugatti Royale Replica he built, using many parts, and the Weinberger Royale drawing (still available!) that I sent him several years ago.

There has been quite some fuzz about Bugatti replica's, however, an achievement like this, where with little means and a lot of hard work an impressive replica has been made, deserves nothing but praise. Furthermore, with a replica like this, there will never be the chance that some future owner will try and sell it as an original! - Editor.

Info on the car and it's components:

The chassis is a very close copy of the original .

The engine is a straight eight 1950 Buick Road Master, the transmission from a 1957 Chevy Pick Up ! Rear end from a Ford Pick Up.

I went The hard way but every things works very well.

The front axle is indeed home made ( like every things else )

for the wheels that was a little hard :
The wheels are 24 inches implement wheels and on top of that I built a cover in cast aluminum.

I didn't try to make a close copy of the 41121 Weinberger :
The front fenders and the rear of the car are more like 41111 Esders.
The body is entirely made of aluminum by hand !!
The only original part is the name plate on the radiator !!
I have never built a car before , but I had a good time building that car , and I didn't intend to compete with all the people who are in the Bugatti business.

About me :
I am from France and I live in Texas since 1983
I am a crop duster Pilot and in my spare time I rebuilt WW II airplanes

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