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Volume 10, Issue 1

My visit to Pur Sang Argentina

words and photo’s by Rick Nicolaas

A long awaited visit to Pur Sang Argentina which makes the best re-production of the Bugatti’s 35T, 35B and T43, came to reality when I visited the factory in April ‘04. The Bugatti’s are made in the traditional way, hand built by craftsmen to the highest standard, using traditional methods and materials.

The Bugatti 35 was and still is one of the most famous racing cars of all times. Introduced by Ettore Bugatti, at the French Grand Prix in Lyon in 1924, 80 years ago. The type 35 won most races in the period from 1925 till 1929. Like in 1925, 412 victories, this include minor races and Grand Prix races. The 35T is a 2300cc straight eight cylinder, 165 km/h, and the 35B a 2300cc supercharged straight eight, 190km/h, which was a great speed in those days which was helped by the weight of the car, only to be around 800 kg.

Andres Butta, engineer and PR manager of the company invited me. After a delay on Tuesday afternoon I arrived at 10.00pm in Parana, Entre Rios, one-hour flight north-west from Buenos Aires. Andres picked me up from the airport and drove me to the marina restaurant at the Parana river, second longest river in the world, for a dinner with 6 other guest, one from Canada and 5 from Germany, at 11.00pm. The company was great.

The next day I met Jorge Anadon, owner and founder, of the company. You can feel the passion he has straight away for the most famous racing cars of all times, the Bugatti 35. Jorge started this company about 20 years ago and build the first Bugatti 35 re-productions in his house. Over the years when the company expended he started using the big sheds behind the house.
He has now a company of 60 employees and manufacturers almost the total car in house.

Many young people come and work at his place. They want to learn the art of making a car from scratch to a beautiful piece of artwork. Having an eye for every detail is essential when you are making the best re-production Bugatti’s in the world. When you walk into the factory you walk into a different time zone. The chassis, body and engines are made in the traditional way, the way Ettore Bugatti would agree with, because it was the way he build them.

Pur Sang uses modern hi-tech to make the ultimate precision of each piece used in the Bugatti’s combined with the craft man ship of every individual member of the team. A team dedicated to a perfect product.
The chassis is handcrafted, so are the body parts and the engine after machined, put together by a team of father and two sons. After assembling the engine the engine get fired up and tested till the team is satisfied that the engine can be installed into the waiting Bugatti.

One of the engineers who over looks the production and special products is Jack Forrest Greene, a well respected member of the team, he brings in a lot of experience. He went from Buenos Aires to England to do an apprenticeship at the Rolls Royce car factories when he was 17. He was involved in the car industry from there onwards, pilot and Racing Team Chief.

The factory has a design studio, engineering shop, body part shop, engine shop, spare part division, paint shop, every thing required to make a perfect re-production. They also have a division for special projects. For instant a body around an aeroplane engine. If you like a special car made, Pur Sang would like to take on the challenge, which they have proven over the years they can take on.

Pur Sang hasn’t forgotten the little ones, also hand made a reproduction of the Baby Bugatti (Type 52), and other models.

My visit to the factory was a highlight and I could feel the passion for the Bugatti’s from Jorge right across the team.

Pur Sang has built a reputation of the perfect Bugatti re-production around the world. The clientele include well know people in the car industry and collectors of fine automobiles.

If you always have dreamed to own a Bugatti and an original one is just out of your league, or you like a Bugatti with your special requirements a dream comes true at Pur Sang Argentina.

I would like to thank Jorge, Andres, Jack and the Pur Sang team for the time and knowledge they shared during my visit.

Published before in the "New Zealand Classic Car" magazine in August '04 and in the Australian "Bugatti Bulletin" mid 2004.

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