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Volume 8, Issue 1

Bugatti market in 2002

One may think that Bugattis are extremely scarce. A considerable number is offered though on the open market. Of course a number of cars will be sold under hand as well. (which may be as high as the number of cars shown here!)

Here Bugattis are listed that were offered for sale or have been on auction in 2002. If available asking prices or offered prices are mentioned. All Bugattis are ordered by type.

Where available, chassis nos. are given.

Collected by Jaap Horst

Type  Year  Chassis / description             Price


T22         2660 

T23         Lavocat-Marsaud
T23    1921 1254, Engine: 854 Brescia

T29/30 1922                                 (£250,000-350,000): Not Sold

T35	    Kit of parts
T35	    Kit of parts                     £22,500 
T35A        4713 
T35A   1926 
T35A   1926 Modified 2300cc
T35B        Lady Mary Grosvenor 
T35B        4938 
T35B   1929
T35C        4893                             590,000 Euro 
T35T                                         $320,000
T35T   1926

T37    1927                                  265,250 Euro
T37A   1929 37366 ex Prince Lobkowicz/ Zdenek Pohl, kit of parts

T38    1926 38243 Tourer Lavocat and Marsaud $150,000

T43         Grand Sport

T44         Gangloff 
T44    1929 Pheaton

T46         Gangloff 
T46         Roadster 
T46    1930 46293, Faux cabriolet by Veth     680.000 Euro

T49         Roadster Jean
T49    1932 Roadster Jean                     185 000 Euro
T49        49315                              $38,000. 

T50         regulation LeMans tourer 

T51    1931                                   996,750 Euro

T52    1928                                   19,387.50 Euro 


T57         Ventoux
T57         Stelvio by Graber
T57         Galibier (first series)           125,000-130,000 pounds
T57         Ventoux                           145,000-155,000
T57         James Young 
T57         57524, Gangloff coupé, replica body 180 / 220.000 Euro
T57    1934 Galibier
T57    1934 Galibier, dismantled              $75,000 
T57    1937 Stelvio                           GBP 165.000 
T57    1937 Stelvio
T57    1937 Stelvio

T59                                           $1,600,000
T59         Grand Prix Replica black          GBP 300.000 

T101C       101501, Cabriolet

EB110GT 1995
EB110GT 1995
EB110GT 1996??

This makes a total of 48! (plus 3 EB Bugattis)

It is very much possible that cars appear in the list twice, if they were offered in different places.

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