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Volume 7, Issue 3

Bugatti designs by Zviad Tsikolia

Jaap Horst / Zviad Tsikolia

Since 1998 I have been receiving designs made by the Georgian designer Zviad Tsikolia. As this was very much a side step from the general interest in the original Bugattis, I didnŽt know much what to do with it, all the time thinking that I might once use the pictures in a special article or the like. Recently, Zviad sent me some more designs, which surprise by a big advance in both the quality of the design, as well as the quality of the presentation. You best take a look for yourself, in my opinion these designs represent a good balance between retro and modern design, showing even a closer relationship to the original Bugatti designs, than the new VW-Bugatti designs, especially the Veyron, which only has a radiator grille to make it look a Bugatti....

In this article weŽll show ZviadŽs designs and some of his sketches. WeŽll begin to present the newest designs, to then gradually go back in history.
The flolowing is the story Mr. Tsikolia, who finished the State Academy of Fine Art (design faculty) in 1995, sent me to accompany his newest design.

In October 2001 A-Level, the company producing exclusive cars in Moscow, has decided to develop their own model - pompous claim in the international market of car production. 10 designers from different countries (selected in advance) participated in the competition. The majority of the participants' work at internationally recognized firms like GM, Toyota, Porsche California, etc.

In one months time we had to develop the exterior design of a car a la Bugatti. Competition was held via Internet. According to the RFP, the CL 600 (W 215) was selected as the base model for creation of a new car that was to be designed according to the classical arrangement. The winner was announced in a month's time. It was I. I was utterly happy. You know well my appreciation for Bugatti. The project has been the third one in my biography: 1. 1997 - 57th IAA, 2. 1999 - 3D virtual model (which I have presented in Frankfurt).

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Realization of my design is going under way: details and the interior are being developed. Presentation of the project is planned at one of the international exhibitions in autumn 2003.
It should be noted that the car is already sold.

Comment by the organization:
The design of Zviad Tsikolia was unanimously awarded the first prize. The winner of the competition has a mazed us with his emotional sketch. He managed to escape from the direct analogies with existing models and to reproduce sole, style and manners of the selected genre in a way, when a spectator understands the essence of the theme and feels the object of improvisation.
This automobile is not a supercar. Classical coupe with smooth, dynamic, spatial shapes. The car is quite powerful and sure of itself, impressive but not aggressive thanks to perfect shaping and marked character. Simultaneously it does not lack features of a car used in everyday life. Original peculiarity: the doors open against the motion.

The company A-Level is not going to break their own principles and plans to manufacture a single copy of the car. After the official presentation, the new model will be displayed at several international autoexhibitions.

Above: Tsikolia Bugatti's project presented to Mr.Giugiaro at the IAA in Frankfurt 1999
Below the sketch representing the same design, and some other sketches from the same period.

Above the design with which he participated in the IAA 57 in Frankfurt, a Bugatti concept model in scale 1:1.

Bugatti is his favorite marque, therefore he build his concept car around this. Zviad thinks that the lines and soul which has a Bugatti, is what designers must use often. The model is from fiberglass, and has one seat, also can be two seats. This car is for pleasure, to feel speed and freedom in the car. He tries to keep soul and some details.

I had just one way to deliver it in Frankfurt, usual passenger aircraft Tu-154 and it's baggage room which has dim. 110X110cm therefore the wings are separated from the body and car got that dim. 345X175X111cm. In the beginning, I had another bigger project, but after the transport problem I chose that. My stand was visited by Mr. Artioli, who said a lot of compliments.

Below some of the sketches that led to this design.


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