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Volume 7, Issue 2

Bugatti drawings

Richard Morris

This drawing was created by Morris several years ago, clicking on the image enlarges it, clicking on BIG gives a very big image! On the top of the page a detail.

Santa´s T35
Werner Striek / Traude Kubin

back in 1988 I decided to make my own Christmas cards to be sent to my customers and friends. One of the intententions in creating these cards was to promote my work as a technical illustrator. Consequently the subject of these cards had to be a technical one in combination with Santa Claus who was always accompanied by a small Teddy bear.

I know, Christmas cards don't suit with the season being. But Santa Claus is riding in a Bugatti T 35 - therefore the first of my self-made Christmas cards is my contribution to your Bugatti contest.

The line drawing was done by me, the (female) airbrush artist was Traude Kubin, we collaborated quite frequently in the pre-computer days.

T57 Ventoux
Eric Berard

This is my contribution to the Bugatti page, a drawing of my Ventoux (#57559).

Bugatti airplane's controls
Michael Firczuk / Chris Arnold

This is one of the results of my research on the Bugatti airplane's control systems. I believe that this is the first ever documentation of how the pilot's manual flight controls were configured. It includes rudder, elevator and aileron controls - the basics necessary for any airplane to be controlled in pitch, yaw and roll axes. In addition to the technical content, in my opinion, the image is also beautiful. It was drawn for me my a technical drafter named Chris Arnold, based on the source materials that I provided.

Bugatti Royale´s
Frank Studstrup

a Bugatti poster presenting 10 Type 41 drawings that I made in the 1960 s as a young emerging Bugatti fan. Also in BIG version I enclose only the letter hereby, as the poster is too big for my scanner, - so please wait a few days for it to arrive by snail mail. For an immediate impression of others Bugatti drawings I made around 1966 and later - the latest here being from 1989

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