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Volume 7, Issue 2

Bugatti related designs!


This was sent to me by the Stelvio Design team, from Verona, Italy.
It is a design project in hommage of Ettore Bugatti. More drawings and impressions below!

Car project
Andreas Andrianos

I am an automotive engineer with a penchant for design. I have studied in Modena in the early 80's and you can imagine what an exciting place it was, with almost every supercar manufacturer concentrated in the same area.

Unfortunately, I left more or less at the time the "modern" Bugatti adventure started, but I did see the EB 110 in the flesh and what a marvelous car that was! I have always been a great admirer of its design, I believe it had individuality and a very strong personality and in a way it reminded me of the old racing "tanks". I wish the new Bugattis "by VW" will be original as well, because for the time being I have not been particularly impressed by their prototypes, with the exception of the 18 cylinder engine which is a gem!

Anyway, I am sending you a couple of my designs, which I made for a hypothetical future Bugatti, deliberately a little provocative in order to push the research a bit further.

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