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Volume 4, Issue 1

Bugatti Brochures

Supplied by: Don Stephan

In the series of reproductions of Bugattis Brochures this is the third issue (The first showed the brochure for the T43 Grand Sport, the second showed (parts of) brochures of great variety). This time we'll see a variety of T57 brochures. On the top of the page we see the front page of a brochure for the t57, being in fact a very well-known picture! This is from a 1936 Dealer catalogue of 4 pages in total, dated 1936

I will not give any comments, let the pictures speak for themselves! All pictures enlarge when you click on them! (Even the opening picture)

1934 Bi-fold type 57 brochure cover, 4 pages total.

Two 1934 Show hand outs of Galibier and Ventoux, compare to the brochure of later T57 models.

Cover of another T57 brochure.

A specification sheet for the T57S45, note that the date is 1935! Two years earlier then the real appearance of the T57S45. (big file)

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