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Editor: Jaap Horst

Volume 3, Issue 1

Letter from the editor

This is the second letter from the editor in the Bugatti revue. The former was on the occasion of the second issue of the revue, this one for the tenth issue! Not even myself would have thought that the revue would last so long! A second occasion is the three-year existence of the Bugatti Page, which was on february 27th this year.

I hope you enjoyed both the "page" and the "revue" as much as I enjoyed making them, and I would like to thank all the people who helped me in achieving this tremendous result. Most of these people I have never even met, knowing them only from E-mails or sometimes slow-mails or faxes. However, due to the pages I now know lots of people off the "Net" as well, mainly due to the Bugatti Club Nederland, of which I now am a member.

In these years I was able to present to you lots of interesting articles in the Bugatti revue, some of which I wrote myself. This was a real pleasure, diving deeply into a part of the Bugatti history, to get out with an original article with hopefully some new information, like the articles on the Bugatti Aircraft Engines and the Bugatti Aircraft. This last effort culminated last fall in the formation of the Bugatti Aircraft Association by me, of which there are now 8 members.

However, to make the Bugatti revue a continuus success I will need your help in the future as well. So if you have any ideas for an article, want to write about any aspect of the Bugatti history or interesting events. For the next issue I have some ideas. I received the work of a French history student from Straatsburg, Nicolas Guhring, who studied Ettore Bugatti and his environment, mainly from local newspapers and magazines from the period. Parts of his work will hopefully appear (translated!) in "the revue".

The Bugatti revue was in fact the part of the Bugatti Page in which I could put the more in-depth information. The rest of the Bugatti Page depends more on actuality, as with the Bugattis for sale, parts for sale etc. Remarkable for me was the relative success of this part of the Page. In the beginning I had to take the ads from magazines or the Web, but more and more offers were sent directly to me. However, everything is relative. I do not know of one Bugatti that was sold because of my pages! The events list has been more successfull, I have been told (or E-mailed in fact) by people who went to events because they saw them on my pages! Apart from this I get lots of reactions to the miniatures I pay attention to in my pages. Obviously there are many people who like Bugattis, but can not afford them. For them there will be something special in the near future: Photographs of miniatures of all Bugatti types. The models were collected by Raymond Stofer of Switzerland, and he sent me digital photos of all. "All" I have to do is to make the pages! This will be like a "shadow" of the most important part of the Bugatti Page, the Bugatti Picture sheets, but now in miniature form! This may seem unnecessary, but there are lots of Bugatti types I do not have pictures of, and there even are types of which no, or very few, photographs exist. So when the "Stofer Archive" will be available, make sure to take a look, also when you're not interested in miniatures!

All in all I think the Web offers a lot to Bugattistes from all over the world, moreover because of the effort of my friend Jacob Munkhammar (a Swede living in Norway), who has a different approach to the subject as I do. Together in the Bugatti Web the amount and quality of the information is very good, I think. However, if you do not think so, or think you can contribute something, please let me know!

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